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Facts, Myths & Personal Choices

Welcome to Second Song, a haven where hope and understanding meet. A place where we illuminate the truths about alcohol, offering a fresh perspective beyond the usual ‘quit drinking’ narrative. Founded from a personal battle with alcohol abuse, our mission is to educate, not to dictate. We explore the realities of alcohol use, from its societal acceptance to its potential dangers, through a blend of scientific insights, personal stories, and the universal language of music. 

Here, you’ll find a space to re-examine your relationship with alcohol. Whether it’s a part of joyous celebrations or a challenge to overcome, we present the facts and narratives to help you make informed decisions. Join us in this journey of discovery and empowerment, where making choices about alcohol is about being informed, not just following the crowd.

If you are in a tough spot right now, no matter how dark the night, dawn awaits. Just as a butterfly transforms itself, so can you. Second Song is your guide to rediscovering life’s harmony, helping you navigate through the fog of alcohol use towards a life of clarity and purpose.

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Second Song

No Judgment

Embrace a private non-judgemental space of understanding and support, offering guidance without a "quit drinking" agenda.
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Inspirational Stories

Read "second song" journeys of transformation and hope as others share their own personal before and after stories from challenges to triumphs.
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Gain insights through evidence-based knowledge and explore the latest scientific data and societal aspects of alcohol use.
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Your Personalized Alcohol Awareness Quiz

Embark on a journey of self-awareness with our customized quiz. Much more than just answering the “Am I drinking too much?” question, the quiz is designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of your relationship with alcohol, tailored insights and practical knowledge to help you make informed decisions. Quiz benefits include:

  • Knowledge: Make informed choices based on facts instead of just following the many.
  • Clarity: Illuminate your understanding of how alcohol fits into your lifestyle – the how, why, and IF potential for you personally.
  • Action: Empower yourself with tailored strategies specific to your personal quiz results for a better well being.
Billion Drinks Consumed
% People Drink Regularly
Average Age of First Drink
Thousand Deaths Annually

“If you look at drinking the way you would look at anything else, which is risk-reward, what am I giving up? What am I getting? It’s some of the worst odds that ever existed.”

“I stopped drinking. That’s one great way of really sort of getting to know yourself is being sober. Not at the beginning. At first, I kept the alcohol industry alive. But once I realized I had a lot of work to do on myself, I stopped drinking and started working out lots to keep me sort of centered.”

“I understood, through rehab, things about creating characters. I understood that creating whole people means knowing where we come from, how we can make a mistake and how we overcome things to make ourselves stronger.” 

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At Second Song, every story, every voice, and every action contributes to a greater cause. Whether it’s sharing your journey, volunteering your skills, or supporting our mission financially, your involvement plays a crucial role in our collective effort to reshape perspectives on alcohol use. Dive into a community where your contributions can truly make an impact

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