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Remember December


Born from the depths of a life-altering near-death experience, ‘Remember December’ is more than a song—it’s a journey from the brink of loss to a celebration of survival and change. In the chill of December 2018, amidst the festive season’s joy, a critical battle was being fought in the quiet of a hospital room. One of the founders of Second Song faced the stark reality of his alcohol abuse, an ordeal that brought him to the edge of life, culminating in a ten-day coma and a month-long hospital stay.

It was in the solitude of a hospital bed, shrouded in the night’s silence, that a profound spiritual encounter illuminated the path forward. This moment of revelation not only marked the inception of Second Song but also symbolized a commitment to harness this second chance at life to extend a hand to others navigating the turbulent waters of abuse and addiction.

‘Remember December’ weaves the personal narrative of survival and gratitude with a universal call to respect and learn from our past. It serves as a reminder to cherish our triumphs over adversity while remaining vigilant about the forces that can lead us astray, celebrating life’s second chances and the lessons they bring.

As you delve into the lyrics of ‘Remember December,’ may you find echoes of your own experiences and the strength to embrace the lessons of the past as guides for a brighter, more mindful future. Just as a butterfly changes itself for a second life, transformation is possible for us as well.

Here are the lyrics:

Remember December

Verse 1
Another time, another place
Another one’s the greatest
Another day, another night
Another one is faded

Consider. Remember.

Remember December
Remember the dawning light
That one black December
Remember the brighter life

Verse 2
Another place, another space
Another one is wasted
Forever life, a better life
Forever life is waiting

Gotta leave it
(Soul believe it)
Turn the page within

Wiser fighter
(Strong survivor)
Fighters rise up again

Chorus/Ad Lib Outro
London Bridge stands from falling
Heaven’s hope is always calling

Final Outro
December, the symbol
Remember, no black December
December, the symbol
Remember, no black Decembers

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